Ozone Generator Philozon Medplus MX

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Philozon is a pioneer in the development of ozone generators for health applications, being the first Brazilian company to obtain registration with ANVISA for Ozonioterapie.

The Philozon Medplus MX Ozone Generator is available in two versions:

MX: Ozone Generator
MX Case: Ozone generator integrated into the case

CharacteristicsTechnical information


Flow Control System:
Automatic oxygen flow regulation, with oxygen sensor detection with electronic activation and shutdown.
Release of O3:
Push button switch with double action.
Security system:
O3 Catalyst, which converts excess ozone into oxygen automatically, providing safety for the professional.
O3 output connection:
Standard luer-lock connection.
Preparation of Ozonized Water:
Function performed by an external unit.

The concentrations produced are adjustable from 5 to 60 μg / ml and can be defined in a display on the instrument panel and can be used for various treatments.

Technical information

MX: 29,5 x 14,5 x 19 cm. MX Maleta: 29 x 40 x 18 cm
Reading Panel
Digital - LCD Display
Gas Flow
0,6 l/min
Oxygen Supply
Regulated automatically by the equipment, with flow of 0.6 l / min
Oxygen Pressure
3.5 kgf / cm² with fixed pressure regulating valve
Sensor for activation and shutdown of equipment by oxygen
Power Supply Voltage
100 to 240 V (automatic selection)
70W maximum
Gas Control
Manual Handle
O3 Catalyst
It has internal O3 destructor - it consists of a chemical catalyst that converts ozone into oxygen
Internal Components
Compatible with the ozone-oxygen blend
Internal Cooler

NOTE: Requires oxygen regulator valve and oxygen cylinder for operation, not included in the equipment.

Philozon Medplus Ozone Generator

ANVISA registration 80472910001

Philozon is a pioneer in the development of equipment for health and is the first company in Brazil to obtain registration with ANVISA of the ozonetherapy for dental use.

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Medplus MX Maleta Ozone Generator

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For those who always carry their ozone generator and need maximum lightness and practicality. In this version, the generator is integrated into the case.

Benefit: Size and lightness.

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