Philozon Medplus Ozone Generator

ANVISA registration 80472910001


  • - Flow Control System;
  • - Wide range of production;
  • - Timer;
  • - Automatic Catalyst;
  • - Vacuum Pump;
  • - Preparation of ozonated water with an external unit;
  • - Safety valve .

Available in two versions:

Medplus: Ozone Generator
Medplus V: Ozone Generator + Vacuum System.

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Ozone Generator Philozon Medplus MX

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For those who use it in the office. If you need to occasionally carry it, also purchase the optional case.

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Medplus MX Maleta Ozone Generator

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For those who always carry their ozone generator and need maximum lightness and practicality. In this version, the generator is integrated into the case.

Benefit: Size and lightness.

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