ANVISA nº 8047291 1 Philozon is a pioneer in the development of equipment for health,
and is the first company in Brazil to obtain registration with ANVISA of Ozonotherapy

About Ozonotherapy

Ozone is a gas with infinite applications in human and veterinary health due to its powerful antimicrobial, stimulating, healing action and with its high degree of biocompatibility.

Since the first world war, ozone has been used as a broad spectrum and healing antimicrobial therapeutic resource. As early as 1916 the scientific journal Lancet published the first articles demonstrating the therapeutic effects of ozone gas on the healing of war wounds. A century later and a growing number of resistant bacteria, the ozone gas has extensive scientific evidence and excellent clinical results.

The medicinal use in the ozone molecule or Ozone therapy is used in several countries of the world, and besides its broad spectrum germicidal properties, it is able to improve the metabolism of the red blood cells, an acting treatment of the inflammatory/infectious scenarios and an aid in the process of tissue repair.

Ozone is an unstable molecule and must be generated at the site of use due to short half-life. For use in health, ozone must be generated from pure oxygen and in precise concentrations, according to the therapeutic window.

The ozone generator equipment produces electric shocks between 13,000 and 15,000 volts in the oxygen molecules, allowing the atoms to aggregate, forming the ozone gas. This technique should be performed by a trained professional, who determines the complete dosage and indications appropriate for each specific patient.

Philozon has a team of qualified engineering technicians, a testing and calibration laboratory to develop and produce cutting edge equipment, offering the best of this technology. We are pioneers in the development of ozone generators for health application, being the first Brazilian company to obtain registration in Anvisa of the ozone generator for Dentistry.

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Philozon Medplus Ozone Generator

ANVISA registration 80472910001

Philozon is a pioneer in the development of equipment for health and is the first company in Brazil to obtain registration with ANVISA of the ozonetherapy for dental use.

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Ozone Generator Philozon Medplus MX

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For those who use it in the office. If you need to occasionally carry it, also purchase the optional case.

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Medplus MX Maleta Ozone Generator

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For those who always carry their ozone generator and need maximum lightness and practicality. In this version, the generator is integrated into the case.

Benefit: Size and lightness.

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